Abbey Theatre presents Gavin Kostick and Guests

12 Christmas Poems

14 - 21 December 2018

Booking Information

Date: 14 & 21 December
On the Peacock Stage

Time: 6.30pm

Tickets: €16 / Conc. €14

Running time: 1 hour without an interval

To book for a group of 6+ call (01) 87 97 212

Some music and conversations with Mrs Butterdish.

An evening of readings of new Christmas poetry by Gavin Kostick, conversations with Mrs Butterdish and some seasonal music to bring us to a festive mood.

Me: … Er… I have a request for you Mrs Butterdish.

Mrs Butterdish: Yes, Mr Gavin?

Me: … Christmas is coming …

Mrs Butterdish: It is.

Me: And the Abbey have asked me to read some seasonal poetry, arrange for some music and so on.

Mrs Butterdish: The house of Yeats. You must be pleased.

Me: … I am … but there’s a thing.

Mrs Butterdish: Is it that they really want Young Master Toastrack?

Me: Lord, no. Of course not.

Mrs Butterdish: So what is this thing?

Me: They’ve only agreed to do it if you would join me in conversation.

Mrs Butterdish:


Mrs Butterdish:

Me: Your thoughts, Mrs Butterdish?

Mrs Butterdish: Mr Gavin. Have you already agreed to this?

Me: Perhaps Mrs Butterdish – it is the house of Yeats.

Mrs Butterdish: We’ll see Mr Gavin, we’ll see.


Suitable for all ages


Presented as part of the Avolon Winter Season at the Abbey Theatre.


  • Poetry: Gavin Kostick
  • Musical Accompaniment: Morgan Cooke
  • In Persona Mrs Butterdish: Janet Moran
  • Very Special Guest Singer: Danielle Galligan
  • Photographer: Juno Kostick

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