Communication Skills 

Facilitators Phil Kingston and Andrea Ainsworth © Ros Kavanagh

Taking techniques from the stage, Theatre Skills for Business workshops will help you and your organisation develop a more confident and dynamic communication style in both meetings and presentations.

Our facilitators draw on over 20 years of theatre experience to coach business professionals to become stronger communicators, team players and leaders.

The day-long workshops take place on our iconic Abbey Stage. We have trained professionals from KPMG, Google and Mercer.

We run open workshops once a month and can tailor a bespoke workshop to suit your needs. We also offer one-to-one training.

Tune in to this clip from The Business Show on RTÉ Radio to learn how Theatre Skills for Business can make you a more dynamic communicator.

In The Persuaders podcast, Phil Kingston speaks about how our Collaborate and Innovate workshops build creative and adaptable teams.

Online Workshops 

Theatre Skills for Business, can help you and your organisation to create a more authentic communication style. Our workshops are crafted for both online and in-person training. Our skilled facilitators will help you find greater confidence, authority, and ease as a speaker so that you can connect to your audience and tell your story effectively.

Theatre Skills for Business workshops usually take place on the Abbey stages but during the COVID crisis, we will be offering these workshops online. Workshops will be split over two days to reduce ‘zoom’ fatigue and allow for individual coaching.


Presenting with Impact facilitated by Andrea Ainsworth
This two-day online workshop is highly practical.  You will learn active relaxation and breathing techniques to help you feel more confident as well as ways to open up the potential of your speaking voice so that your message lands with greater impact, energy, and clarity. Participants are asked to bring a short presentation of 2 -3 minutes to use in the workshop.

Participants can expect to learn how to:

  • Find greater confidence and ease when presenting
  • Improve their physical presence
  • Discover how to hold the room and fully engage a team/clients/boardroom
  • Develop a more compelling speaking style through the use of a greater variety of pitch, pace, tone, and use of pauses  

Introductory skills session (2hrs)
Individual coaching sessions (45min)
Q&A Session

Women in Business: Take Centre Stage – facilitated by Andrea Ainsworth
This two-day online workshop is designed for those who wish to learn how to communicate their ideas assertively, manage interruptions, and fine-tune their personal presence. It will offer the skills to add greater impact to your communication style. You will be shown a series of techniques around voice, breath, and physicality to help get your message heard and make a positive impression in the workplace.  You create the content but we can help you shape and craft your delivery of the material so that it works as something to be said rather than to be read.

Participants can expect to learn how to:

  • Enhance their confidence
  • Open up the potential of their speaking voice
  • Communicate with greater ease and authority
  • Deliver presentations in a more direct and impactful way
  • Develop a personal presence and take centre stage
  • Manage interruptions and regain the floor with confidence

Introductory skills session (2hrs)
Individual coaching sessions (45min)
Q&A Session


Team Morale & Creativity – facilitated by Phil Kingston
This two-day online workshop uses rehearsal and storytelling techniques but shifts the emphasis onto how we make things together – developing confidence in responding to clients and colleagues. Using improvisation and story development techniques we guide the group into creating their own work and then reflecting on the effect of this on the group dynamic. Based on the old theatre adage that ‘You’re only as good as you can make the other actor look’ we will explore how creativity expands with co-operation and take those skills into a work setting with other colleagues. These sessions are built on the idea of ensemble playing and the positive influence this can have on group morale.

Participants suited would be teams who are newly formed or need revitalization and can expect to learn how to

  • use listening techniques to unlock others’ creativity
  • use personal stories to connect more deeply with others
  • create stories spontaneously and un-self-consciously
  • identify what their individual contribution to the group is
  • support and enhance group morale
  • use playfulness as a source of inspiration
  • trust their own creative instincts in the workplace

Introductory skills session (2hrs)
Individual coaching sessions (45min)
Q&A Session


The Power of Storytelling – facilitated by Phil Kingston
This two-day online workshop is suitable for those who would like to become more skilled in telling an engaging story with facts and figures. We use a series of storytelling techniques to help participants to create and communicate with confidence and impact and shape a compelling and memorable business narrative. People are not inspired by facts alone and this workshop explores the value of using emotion, stirring the hearts and minds of the audience. These sessions usually take place on our Abbey stages and so to be gentle with the learning and development and allow individual coaching, this workshop takes place over 2 days.

Participants suited would be those presenting regularly who want to refine their communication style and can expect to learn how to

  • bring their stories to life to influence, engage and connect
  • re-energise, engage and inspire their talent
  • create compelling business stories which persuade, influence, and drive customers to action
  • find an authentic voice to strengthen relationships and drive engagement
  • craft and communicate their leadership
  • motivate and inspire their team
  • connect and hold their audiences

Introductory skills session (2hrs)
Individual coaching sessions (45min)
Q&A Session

One to One Coaching – facilitated by Andrea Ainsworth
 via Zoom
Individual coaching sessions are focused on the emerging topics of the participant’s needs. You will find ways of opening up your potential as an individual and in your role in a team setting.
Sessions are approx. 1hr 15mins.


To find out more or book a workshop, please email Laura on or call 086 065 4730

Open Workshops 

Our workshops are designed for people of all experience levels, and you can attend as an individual or with a group. We offer three distinct open workshops which run throughout the year.

  • Presenting with Impact
    Using skills from the stage, this workshop gives you the techniques to enhance your communication in presentations, meetings and networking events.
    It is ideal for those who have some presenting experience but would like to speak with greater confidence and impact.
  • Personal Presence and Dynamic Delivery
    This is ideal for business professionals who regularly deliver speeches and presentations and want to increase their authority and presence as a speaker. We work to improve the quality of your voice to achieve a personal speaking style which has both energy and influence.
  • The Power of Storytelling
    This workshop explores how a good story works and what it is that draws us in. We provide a series of techniques which will empower your employees to connect their personal stories to your organisational story, enabling them to influence and inspire colleagues and clients alike.

Bespoke Workshops 

You may have specific organisational learning needs you would like to address.

We will work in partnership with you to customise a workshop, to meet your specific needs. We can address areas such as building more collaborative and agile teams, developing a dynamic and authentic leadership style, and fostering innovative thinking. As always, these bespoke workshops are shaped following a consultation with you on your learning needs.

We have created transformative bespoke learning experiences for a variety of clients including IKEA, Irish Life and Northern Trust.


IKEA, Louise Edwards
The coaches at the Abbey Theatre listened to our brief and delivered an amazing day for us.  My team were nervous, but the coaches put them at ease, whilst still challenging them. The workshops were fun, and I have to say the team bonding through the day has brought the team closer and more able to support each other. The feedback from my team was amazing, they could not believe they acted on a stage!

Accenture, Bethany Cullen
Marie and Andrea were a dream to work with. They had a clear vision coming in based on our brief. We had a group of very shy individuals, but Andrea was a superstar in getting them to understand the power of storytelling. All of her pointers and coaching really hit home with the team because during the team’s final telling of their story during the main event, they were superstars! Thank you for helping us!