The original auditorium had a capacity of 562. The Peacock Theatre, with seating capacity of 102, opened in November 1927. The building was damaged by fire on 18 July 1951, and the current building re-opened on 18 July 1966 – fifteen years to the day after the fire. It was designed by Michael Scott & Associates. In 2007 the Abbey auditorium was re-configured by Keoghan architects with input from John-Guy Lecat.

The Stages 

Abbey Stage 

The Abbey auditorium is fan-shaped with a width of 39 feet at the proscenium and extending to 85 feet at the back. The height of the auditorium can be adjusted for different theatre or concert conditions. Seating capacity is 492 seats and two designated wheelchair spaces.

The open stage, with its forestage mounted on two lifts that descend to form an orchestra pit, can extend forward to a total of 14 feet from the curtain line which provides a sense of intimacy between performers and audience.

Peacock Stage

The Peacock stage is a studio space with an accessible lift. It can be used with a traditional seating arrangement or traverse layout.

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Google Street View 

Explore the entire building with Google Street View. The numbered side-bar allows you to travel from floor to floor.