Send Us Your Script 

We are excited to read new writing in English and Irish. This allows us to engage with diverse voices from all over Ireland. While we usually programme new writing from commissions, reading your script will help us get to know you as a writer. Once read, we will send you a report offering feedback on your script. Our aim is to provide constructive and encouraging feedback to all writers.

Send Us Your Idea 

An idea is just that, it can be almost anything – a play you want to write, a show that won’t need a script, a piece of dance theatre, an event or happening, an interdisciplinary work or a stand-up routine. We like ideas that address contemporary life in an urgent and immediate way, that could go on to be developed and staged. We want to get a sense of what excites you, send us an idea that introduces us to that.

Your proposed idea should answer these questions:

  • What is it you want to make? (50 words max)
  • What do you want to happen in the show? (500 words max)
  • Why do you want to make it now? (100 words max about why this idea is urgent)
  • Your idea may be accompanied by links to video, audio, images, texts or other supporting materials.

Submission Process 

  • Our focus is to engage with writers and theatre-makers who are Irish or resident in Ireland.
  • Your script or idea must be clearly typed and formatted.
  • Your script or idea must be proofread and sent in Word or PDF formats only.
  • Do not include your name or contact information on every page.
  • In your email, tell us a little about yourself, your background and experience.
  • We cannot accept handwritten work or printed hard copies.
  • Short, one act plays and adaptations are accepted.
  • We do not accept screenplays or novels.
  • Please submit one script or idea at a time only.
  • Please do not re-submit a script or idea that has already been through the process.

To submit your script or idea or request further information please email

What Happens Next? 

Once you have sent us an email, your script or idea is logged. Scripts are assessed by our panel, which is made up of members of the Irish theatre community. All script submissions are read blind – the reader has no idea who the author is, so that they can give an unbiased assessment of the work. Ideas are considered by our Producing team.

You will receive a response by email within six months.

Thank you for submitting your work. We appreciate your time and creativity.
To contact us, email