Where can I submit my script?

Please complete this form with your personal details and attach your script : https://form.jotform.com/232693621544054


What file format should I use?

Plays must be in Word doc or PDF format, with the title of the play and writer’s full name as the file name. An example of this file name format would be By The Bog Of Cats_Marina Carr


How will I know you have received my submission? 

Once you’ve submitted your play, you will see an automatic email reply from us thanking you for your submission. This means we have received your play and it will be submitted into the reading process and considered by our team. We’ll send you an email if we have any questions, or if we need any further information.


 What happens to my script after I have submitted it?

Unlike most theatres internationally, the Abbey Theatre proudly reads and responds to every play we receive. All eligible scripts are read and considered by the panel of script readers, which is  made up of professional theatre artists. The script submission and reading process is managed by our dedicated Literary & New Work team, and every playwright then receives detailed dramaturgical feedback on their play by email from us.


Do you accept short plays?

Yes, we do.


Do you accept screenplays, radio plays and novels?

We do not. We only accept plays designed for theatre.


How long will the process take? We receive hundreds of scripts per year and read and respond to each one in detail. This process can take up to six months. In the event that it will take longer for us to respond, we will send you an email letting you know when you can expect to hear from us.


Who will read my script?

Initially, your script will be read by a member of our reader panel of professional theatre artists. Once your script has been read, the reader considering it will write a detailed report  and then submit that report to one of our New Work Associates.  The New Work Associate will read the report and take a second look at the script.  From there a response letter with detailed feedback will be written up and sent to you. All communication will be via email.


Can I resubmit my script after implementing feedback I received after its initial submission?

Unless specifically requested, we do not accept resubmissions.


How many scripts can I submit?

We can consider one script at a time per playwright. Please wait for a response to your first submission before sending us a new one.


Why do I need to fill out a submission form? 

The form facilitates accurate record keeping and gives us as readers important context for your writing and your play. We value your time, and have made sure it is as brief as possible to fill in.


 It’s been over six months, and I haven’t heard from the Abbey Theatre about my play. What do I do now?

Although infrequent, sometimes mistakes happen on our end. If you haven’t heard from us after a full six months have passed, please email us at script@abbey.theatre.ie and we will look into it right away.


Can I invite you to readings and performances of my work?

Yes! It’s a great way to introduce us to your work. The Literary & New Work Department is committed to seeing new theatre productions across Ireland, within limited schedules and budgets. Send your invitation, with as much notice as possible, to new.work@abbyetheatre.ie.


Can I request a meeting with a member of the Literary & New Work Team?

Yes, you can get in touch at new.work@abbeytheatre.ie.


Can I send in a first draft for feedback?

We are only in a position to read and consider your script once and cannot accept resubmissions. So, to give yourself the best chance at success, please consider if this is the draft you want us to read. After the rush of completing the first draft, we advise playwrights to pause, take some time away from it, and come back when you have a new perspective.  It can be beneficial to ask a trusted peer/ outside eye to read it and for you to consider their feedback. Develop the play as much as you can before you submit to us for consideration.


My show has had a successful run and I am planning a tour. Can I send you information about presenting my show?

We don’t accept open submissions for co-production and presentation opportunities. These are programmed by Artistic Director’s invitation. You can contact the producing team in relation to co-productions or presentations that you think may suit or be aligned to the Abbey’s programme aims and ambitions by emailing  producingteam@abbeytheatre.ie