Her, Sive revisits the themes of John B Keane’s Sive from a new angle, contemporary playwright Kat Woods has created a spirited new heroine, Sheila, who’s questioning the social attitudes of Ireland on the brink of modernity.   

This installment of our Priming The Canon series is directed by Maisie Lee and facilitated by Vlad Gurdis. Set in the 1950s, Ciara Ivie plays the 14-year-old Sheila who has been driven out of the house because of the sudden arrival of a mysterious visitor. Chasing after her dog she sees her friend Sive’s house over the fields and remembers the recent tragedy caused by Sive’s arranged marriage. This makes her reflect on some disturbing events in her own life and she realises she’s going to have to fight to avoid the same fate.  

The Abbey will perform Her, Sive at schools around Dublin between 14th November – 9th December. More information on performances and the free resource pack can be found here.  

‘We are delighted that Kat Woods has found a way to celebrate some of John B Keane’s original themes by creating a new heroine from the world of his play. Her, Sive stands alone as a lively look at women’s rights in 1950s Ireland while reproducing the compassionate eye of the work that inspired it.’ – Phil Kingston, Community & Education manager.


If you have any questions or would like the Abbey Theatre to come to your school to perform  Her, Sive, please contact hersive@abbeytheatre.ie