In the context of the Board having skill sets that meet its requirements, the following areas are the ones of particular focus for the Board at this time:

 i) Finance and Accounting 

Candidates must have full membership of a professional accountancy body and demonstrate in their application evidence of one or more of the following:

    • CFO level experience in a medium/largescale organisation, preferably with expertise in corporate finance and/or dealing with both public and private sector income sources, and/or
    • Senior management level experience of handling large-scale capex projects and/or strategic risks, and/or
    • Board/senior executive level experience of investment planning and delivery of large-scale projects, with particular reference to finance and fundraising.

ii) Business and Management Skills 

Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of one or more of the following:

  • Senior business/management experience, such as
    • experience of national and international marketing in domains relevant to the arts in Ireland and/or
    • experience of communications and public relations in domains relevant to the arts in Ireland,
  • Experience of strategy development at a senior level relevant to the Arts in Ireland in
    • change management within a complex organisation/environment and/or
    • broad stakeholder engagement and/or
    • project funding, sponsorship and fundraising,
  • Awareness of the importance of sustainability in business strategy and management.

 In addition to this experience, it is desirable that applicants possess:

  • Experience as a senior executive or Board member of a medium to large organisation;
  • The ability to understand high level financial data, budgets and good financial management practice;
  • Experience on the Board of an organisation which is dependent on fundraising for the delivery of its mission, goals and objectives and, in particular, willingness to play an active role in support of the organisation’s fundraising objectives;
  • Experience of an organisation dealing with major capital investment projects;
  • Understanding of what is best practice for the industry in terms of safety, health and welfare at work, data protection, asset protection, compliance with legislation, compliance with tax obligations etc.;
  • Awareness of the impact of climate change and need for sustainability in the arts; and
  • Membership of a relevant professional body.

For information on the application process, see 

Closing date for receipt of applications is 3pm, Tuesday, 13th December 2022