What do we want to be to one another?
What do we want our society to look like?
What are we not paying enough attention to?
Where do we want to go next? 

What should Ireland write on a postcard to itself? 

In the theatre community we physically come together to create and share our work. The social distancing in place at the moment stops us from doing this, but this will not stop us creating opportunities to hear and share Ireland’s artistic voice.

We have invited 50 writers from around the country to each write a monologue, to be performed by 50 actors.  

Writers involved in the project include Blindboy, Deirdre Kinahan, Rosaleen McDonagh, Frank McGuinness, Enda Walsh and Carmel Winters.

All of Dear Ireland’s 50 writers will be announced soon and the 50 actors will be announced in due course.

In April we will present each recorded piece of work on our digital channels, capturing a moment in time to share our thoughts through creative conversation. 

We want you to join us for this national conversation led by Ireland’s artists.