Submit a Script or an Idea

Submit a Script or an Idea

Let us know you’re out there by sending us your script or idea for a show.

We are dedicated to engaging with the vibrant and diverse range of voices and experiences that exist all over the island of Ireland. Find out more about getting in touch by reading the information below.

Who do we want to hear from?

We want to hear from everyone. We strongly encourage Irish writers and theatre-makers from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, genders and sexual identities, career stages and skill levels to submit their work to us. We’re particularly interested in hearing from writers and theatre-makers who feel they’ve been underrepresented in the Irish theatrical tradition.

For example, over the last two years roughly a third of all submissions to the Abbey were made by women. We all have to do better to get these numbers up and we need your help to make it happen. We’ve introduced guiding principles to address gender inequality both here and in Irish theatre in general. But we want to hear from you directly, too. Your voice counts – make it heard by submitting your script or idea to us.

How much work can someone send in?

Given the limited size of our team and the care and attention we try to give every script and idea that comes to us, we can only read, assess and respond to one submission at a time.

What kind of work are we looking for?

We’re looking for urgent work that demonstrates a daring and original imagination at play. We want to get a sense of what excites you, so send us a script or idea that introduces us to that. As Ireland’s national theatre, we are focusing on engaging with writers and theatre-makers who are Irish or resident in Ireland.

Have a script you want to send us? Here’s how.

· Once you have your script written and proofread, send it to us via email in either Word or PDF format to

· When submitting, tell us a little about your background and experience.

· We’ll then send you an acknowledgement of receipt and the play will be logged. It will then be assessed by our readers panel, which is made of working members of the Irish theatre community.

· All submissions are read blind – that is, the reader will have no idea who a script’s author is so that they can give an unbiased assessment of the work.

· You will receive a response to the play via email within six months.

Have some more questions about the script submission process?

We’re happy to answer them. Study the submission guidelines below, or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to contact our New Work Associate, Jesse Weaver at if you have further questions about the process.

Have an idea for a show that’s not a script?
We’re now accepting ideas for shows that could potentially be developed as rapid responses to the moment we live in. And those ideas can be almost anything – a play you want to write, a piece of dance theatre, an event or happening, an interdisciplinary work, a stand-up routine – but something that addresses our contemporary moment in an urgent and immediate way, and that could potentially be developed and staged by us.

Here’s how to send us your idea.

Submit your idea proposal to as either a Word or PDF document. In your proposal please tells us:

· What is it you want to make? (50 words max explaining the basic idea)

· What things would you like to happen in the show? (500 words max explaining your vision for the project)

· Why do you want to make it now? (100 words max explaining why your idea is urgent)

· What reference material should we look at? (Any visual or audio material, extract from a script or other texts you have included via links and attachments)

Have some more questions about submitting an idea?

This is a new way for us to approach the submission of new work and we will continually be looking at how to improve the process. If you have any feedback or suggestions about submitting an idea to us, contact our New Work Associate, Jesse Weaver at

Script Submission Guidelines

Please read these carefully before you decide to submit.

· All scripts should be submitted to us by email to Please include your contact details and your experience to date in your email, along with a PDF or Word version of your script.

· If you have an idea for script that you feel is particularly urgent but that you haven’t written yet, you can send this to us as an idea proposal. Have a look out our guidelines detailing how to submit an idea.

· We do not accept handwritten scripts or scripts in hardcopy. We will only accept electronic submissions.

· We can only accept an unsolicited script which is in either Irish or English and is clearly typed and formatted.

· We shield the identity of the writer from the readers at all times so that the reading will be completely unbiased. Scripts which have the writer’s name on each page of the script will therefore not be accepted.

· Each script will receive an individual response with feedback on your play. Given the large number of scripts we receive annually, the reading process can take up to six months.

· Please only submit one script at a time. We cannot accept another submission until we have responded to your initial submission.

· We do not accept resubmissions of plays we which we have already read, unless a further draft has been requested by us.

· Please do not submit electronic copies formatted in Works or Final Draft.

· Please make sure your script is clearly legible and free of typing errors.

· We do not accept radio plays, screenplays, novels, poetry.

Script Submission FAQs

What kind of plays are you looking for?

We’re not looking for any particular style of writing but rather a script that is theatrical and original.

Do I have to be Irish?

Given our limited resources, we must focus our attention on the large number of scripts we receive from Irish writers and writers resident in Ireland. We also accept plays from Irish playwrights living abroad.

How do I know when my work is ready to submit?

It is important to feel that the play you submit is the very best possible representation of your work.

What should my play look like?

Your play should be clearly typed and formatted. It should be a Word document or PDF.

What happens when I send my script?

It will be logged in the Abbey’s system and you will receive an email response to acknowledge this. Plays are then given to the Abbey’s panel of readers who will carefully report on each script. Six months later, you will receive a letter with an individual commentary on your work.

Do you give feedback?

Each script will receive an individual response. However, the reading process can take up to six months.

Can I invite you to readings and performances?

We do our utmost to see new work across Ireland and are happy to attend readings and shows. Please send an invite by email to our New Work Assistant, Paddy Jo Malpas at

Do you accept one act plays and adaptations?


What kind of work will you not accept?

We do not accept handwritten scripts, scripts in hard copy, screenplays, novels, or poetry. We do not accept scripts from abroad by non-Irish writers at present or resubmissions of plays we have previously read. Scripts which have the writer’s name on each page of the script will also not be accepted.

How often can I submit my work?

Please only submit one script or idea at a time. Due to resources, we cannot accept another submission until we have responded to your initial submission.

I have an idea for a play that I haven’t written yet. Can I send this to you?

Yes. If your idea is urgent and speaks to our contemporary moment, you can submit it to us.

I found the Abbey Theatre’s feedback helpful in writing a new draft of my play. Can I resubmit it having implemented your suggestions?

At this time, in order to maintain the standard of care and attention given to each script we receive, we are not in a position to accept re-submissions unless a further draft of your play has been requested.