Over the past year, our Young Curators (Luke, Martha, Colin and Allie) have been busy seeing shows and attending festivals, as they prepared to programme a two-week festival at their National Theatre this summer.

We’re delighted to reveal their festival line up. Tickets from €5 to €15 are on sale now.

Opening Gesture 

29 July, 7pm

The festival kicks off with an opening party featuring music from Glasshouse.

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Dublin Digital Radio Projects 

30 – 31 July, 2.30pm

A pair of interconnected projects presented by Dublin Digital Radio.

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My Dad’s Blind 

30 – 31 July, 8pm

Anna Sheils-McNamee explores the dysfunctional relationship between a blind father and his sighted daughter in the Winner of Best Production at Dublin Fringe Festival 2018.

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We Can’t Have Monkeys in the House 

1 – 3 August, 8pm

An absurd new comedy by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth about tragedy, regression and death.

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Gash Collective DJ Set 

2 – 3 August, 9.30pm

A post-show DJ set by GASH COLLECTIVE, a platform that encourages women to create, share and collaborate together in the field of electronic music in Ireland.

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7 – 8 August, every 30 minutes from 4 – 6pm

Stash is an artist who works in a pub. Steve is her boyfriend. Their relationship is in trouble and they want to tell you how it happened. James Elliott’s Summertime is staged as an intimate performance installation for two voices.

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7 – 8 August, 8pm

A work-in-progress by Shanna May Breen, Superstructure is an ambitious attempt to observe humans as an exotic species through scale. You, the watcher, are invited to take a bird’s eye view of a city and to see how a day unfolds there.

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DAS ARTS Feedback Method Workshop 

9 August, 10am – 5pm

The DAS ARTS Academy from Amsterdam will hold a one day workshop exploring how to give constructive feedback in the arts.

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Where Are You From? 

9 August, 8pm & 10 August, 2.30pm

“Where are you from?” is a common question. Through confession, movement and interviews with their father, Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng 吳彩萍 explores its connotations and its complicated answers.

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Closing Gesture 

10 August, 8pm

The festival wrap party.