Abbey Theatre New Work Department Workshop

Play(list): Analysing Plays Through Contemporary Song

18 April - 3 May 2019

Booking Information

Date: Thursday, 18 April

Location: Cork Opera House

Time: 2pm to 4.30 pm


Date: Thursday, 25 April

Location: Town Hall Theatre, Galway

Time: 2pm to 4.30 pm


Date: Friday, 3 May

Location: Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick

Time: 2pm to 4.30 pm

What do we think about when we analyse plays and are there creative lessons we can learn from other mediums?

Using popular music as a starting place to think about structure, we’ll explore together classic and contemporary plays and talk about how to apply analytical tools from other mediums to live performance.

The workshop will be run by the Abbey Theatre’s Dramaturg (Louise Stephens) and New Work Associate (Jesse Weaver) and is open to any type of theatre artist who’d like to spend time reflecting on plays on the page and in performance. No particular experience is necessary.

To sign up for a place, please email with PLAYLIST CORK/GALWAY/LIMERICK (insert as appropriate) in the subject line.

Places will be assigned on a first come basis.

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