Dublin Dance Festival in partnership with the Abbey Theatre

La Natura Delle Cose

14 - 15 May 2019

Booking Information

Dates: 14 – 15 May
On the Abbey Stage

Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: €13 – €40 / Conc. €13 – €34

Running Time: 1 hour

To book for a group of 6+ call (01) 87 97 212

In a performance of overwhelming beauty, five dancers portray a character moving through the entire cycle of life in one hour.

Virgilio Sieni, Director of the Venice Biennale’s Dance Department (2013-2016), draws inspiration from the great poem De Rerum Natura by Roman philosopher Lucretius to explore “The Nature of Things”, portraying a character moving through the entire cycle of life in one hour.

Five dancers offer a counterpoint to what Lucretius believed to be the chief cause of unhappiness: the fear of death.

Moving as a single body, they create a rich visual poem that presents the masked character of Venus at three stages of life. First as a young girl, she moves with graceful fluidity, borne aloft by the four male dancers. Later she explores the world as an infant and finally she is an old woman, her descent complete.

Sieni created this definitive work in 2008. Representing the essence of his singular style, the memory of this lyrical and hypnotic piece will linger long after the performance.


Produced by Teatro Metastasio – Stabile della Toscana and Compagnia Virgilio Sieni in collaboration with Torinodanza and CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze.


'The universe of the choreographer Virgilio Sieni could be that of David Lynch in cinema. Magical and enigmatic.'

'Carried by the four male dancers, the female figure seems to float in the air, suspended, without ever touching the ground during the first part of the show. A delicate and unforgettable image, like a dream.'
Il Manifesto



Images © Dario Lasagni / Paulo Porto


  • Performer: Jari Boldrini
  • Performer: Ramona Caia
  • Performer: Nicola Cisternino
  • Performer: Maurizio Giunti
  • Performer: Andrea Palumbo

  • Choreography & Direction: Virgilio Sieni
  • Dramaturgical Writing & Translations: Giorgio Agamben
  • Original Music: Francesco Giomi
  • Vocals: Nada Malanima
  • Lighting & Set Design: Mattia Bagnoli
  • Lighting & Set Design: Virgilio Sieni

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