Shane O’Reilly

The Genealogy Project: In Development

1 September 2017

Booking Information

Work in Progress Showing

Date: 1 September
On the Peacock Stage

Time: 6pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Tickets: €3

To book for a group of 6+ call (01) 87 97 226



The aim is to perform an unheard history that ends with the five artists, alive & implicated.

The Genealogy Project is an alternative history of this island excavated from the ancestries of the five cross-disciplinary artists performing it. The performance offers new heroes and unheard narratives of citizenship and nationhood, facts of extraordinary and conflicted men and women that lie dormant in our records.

The performers Emma O’Kane, Seán MacErlaine, Michael John McCarthy, Katherine O’Malley and Shane O’Reilly are intrinsically connected by blood to the content. 200 years of each of their ancestries have been expertly researched by Genealogist Nicola Morris and will be collaboratively work-shopped to create a tailored and unique fusion of music, dance and text.

This is something new.

This development is supported by the Abbey Theatre and Dublin City Council.


  • Created by: Shane O’Reilly
  • Collaborator: Seán MacErlaine
  • Collaborator: Michael John McCarthy
  • Collaborator: Emma O’Kane
  • Collaborator: Katherine O’Malley
  • Development Director: Debbie Hannan
  • Projection/Film: Kilian Waters
  • Genealogist: Nicola Morris
  • Producer: Jen Coppinger
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Abbey Theatre
26/27 Lower Abbey Street
Dublin 1
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