An Abbey Theatre production

Dear Ireland

28 April - 19 September 2020

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Dear Ireland was screened in four parts from Tuesday 28 April – Friday 1 May on our YouTube channel

Part One: 11 monologues

Part Two: 12 monologues

Part Three: 13 monologues

Part Four: 14 monologues

Parts One – Four: All 50 monologues are available to view online until 19th September at 10pm.


A national conversation led by Ireland’s artists
50 writers, 50 actors
Presented on our digital channels, April 2020

Dear Ireland 

#1 Alive
Written by Carmel Winters and Performed by Lucianne McEvoy

Written by Enda Walsh and performed by Zara Devlin

#3 An Impossible Woman
Written by Iseult Golden and performed by Marion O’Dwyer

Written by Sarah Hanly and performed by Denise Gough

#5 Dear Ireland I’m fucking riddled with anxiety!
Written by John Connors and performed by Graham Earley

#6 windowpane
Written by Shane O’Reilly and performed by Amanda Coogan

#7 Dear Ireland (an unreliable ex- lover suddenly writes)
Written by Nancy Harris and performed by Marty Rea

#8 Home
Written by Owen McCafferty and performed by Patrick O’Kane

#9 Pints of Milk
Written by Frank McGuinness and performed by Joan Sheehy

#10 To Éire
Written by Felispeaks and performed by Deirdre Molloy

#11 A Start
Written by Gina Moxley and performed by Timmy Creed

Written by Abbie Spallen and performed by Jolene O’Hara

#13 Gorse
Written by Michael West and performed by Mark Doherty

#14 The Box Room (A Meditation on Work)
Written by Shaun Dunne and performed by Eva-Jane Gaffney

#15 Poll Mór/Big Hole
Written by Manchán Magan and performed by Bríd Criomhthain

#16 Maxwell House
Written by Eva O’Connor and performed by Amy McAllister

#17 Dear Ireland
Written by Edna O’Brien and performed by Stanley Townsend

#18 Night 4
Written by Aoife Martyn and performed by Norma Sheahan

#19 The Other Side
Written by Arthur Riordan and performed by Rory Nolan

#20 I want the things
Written by Andrea Molino and performed by David Moss

#21 Your Hands
Written by John O’Donovan and performed by Nicola Coughlan

#22 Dear Alex
Written by Deirdre Kinahan and performed by Bríd Ní Neachtain

#23 It’s All The Same
Written by Zoe Ní Riordáin and performed by Seána Kerslake

#24 Katty Barry’s
Written by Karen Cogan and performed by Siobhán McSweeney

#25 The Meadow
Written by Jimmy Murphy and performed by Clare Dunne

#26 West
Written by Ursula Rani Sarma and performed by Owen McDonnell

#27 I Know You
Written by Zhu Yi and performed by Julia Gu

#28 After This Thing
Written by Pom Boyd and performed by Brendan Gleeson

#29 staring at the sun
Written by Stacey Gregg and performed by Conor MacNeill

#30 Tara’s Hill
Written by TKB and performed by Ericka Roe

#31 These Four Walls
Written by Sinéad Burke and performed by Eleanor Walsh

#32 A Hand of Jacks
Written by Dermot Bolger and performed by Dawn Bradfield

#33 What We Never Got to Lose
Written by Dylan Coburn Gray and performed by Leah Minto

#34 A New Yorker, now?
Written by Meadhbh McHugh and performed by Clare O’Malley

#35 Something Worth Saying.
Written by Colm Keegan and performed Owen Roe

#36 The Rock
Written by Phillip McMahon and performed by Caoilfhionn Dunne

#37 End Meeting?
Written by Darach Mac Con Iomaire and performed by Eoin Ó Dubhghaill

#38 A Letter To The Manager
Written by Sonya Kelly and performed by Deirdre Donnelly

#39 The Golden on the Grey
Written by Margaret Perry and performed by Breffni Holahan

#40 Grace
Written byJoseph O’Connor and performed by Kathy Rose O’Brien

#41 The Three Irishmen
Written by Kit de Waal and performed by Peter Gowen

#42 Party Party
Written by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth and performed by Camille Lucy Ross

#43 Flake
Written by Keith James Walker and performed by Ashleigh Dorrell

#44 Joe
Written by Mark O’Halloran and performed by Andrew Bennett

#45 Let’s Unpack That Shall We
Written by Una McKevitt and performed by Katherine Lynch

#46 Stone mad from the flavour of the world
Written by Blindboy and performed by Cathy Belton

#47 The Temple is closed
Written and Performed by Emmet Kirwan

#48 Dear Ireland you will hardly notice my absence
Written by Rosaleen McDonagh and performed by Sorcha Fox

#49 The Good Thief
Written by David Ireland and performed by Abigail McGibbon

#50 Conversations with…
Written by Jody O’Neill  and performed by Marie Mullen

Dear Ireland 

What do we want to be to one another?
What do we want our society to look like?
What are we not paying enough attention to?
Where do we want to go next?

What should Ireland write on a postcard to itself? 

In the theatre community we physically come together to create and share our work. The social distancing in place at the moment stops us from doing this, but this will not stop us creating opportunities to hear and share Ireland’s artistic voice.

We commissioned writers from Ireland, with unique additional contributions from the USA, China and Italy, to each write a monologue, to be performed by 50 actors, and then streamed on our YouTube channel.

Each writer nominated one actor to perform their piece, and the actors are self-taping their performances from social isolation.

The 100 artists involved in Dear Ireland are listed below.

Acclaimed Irish artist Maser was also commissioned to respond to the Dear Ireland call and his beautiful artwork is being used for the visuals online, and will be woven through the films. 

Composer Ray Harman has also contributed to Dear Ireland, with his music underscoring various elements of this digital project.

Dear Ireland Track One 


Dear Ireland Track Two

A Message from Graham McLaren and Neil Murray, Directors of the Abbey Theatre  

The Abbey Theatre is more than the walls which house its productions, and the work of Ireland’s national theatre responds and will continue to reflect the challenges being faced by Irish society. We are artist-led and audience-focused and, in this profoundly historic period for Ireland, we have brought together the voices of 100 artists to provoke a creative conversation with the nation. In addition to making new art for audiences, we felt it was important to act fast, to document this moment artistically, whilst helping theatre makers financially, a community which has been greatly impacted by the closure, cancellation or postponement of many artistic projects. 

We want to sincerely thank these artists, who have embarked upon this project at a rapid pace, with open minds and brave hearts in pressurized and exceptional circumstances. Along with playwrights writing from all over Ireland, we are also honoured to include an Irish playwright writing from New York and a playwright from, respectively, China and Italy. We hope Dear Ireland will be a provocation for dialogue, reflection and entertainment.




  • Writer: Blindboy
  • Writer: Dermot Bolger
  • Writer: Pom Boyd
  • Writer: Sinéad Burke
  • Writer: TKB (Thommas Kane Byrne)
  • Writer: Dylan Coburn Gray
  • Writer: Karen Cogan
  • Writer: John Connors
  • Writer: Kit de Waal
  • Writer: Shaun Dunne
  • Writer: Iseult Golden
  • Writer: Stacey Gregg
  • Writer: Sarah Hanly
  • Writer: Nancy Harris
  • Writer: David Ireland
  • Writer: Colm Keegan
  • Writer: Sonya Kelly
  • Writer: Deirdre Kinahan
  • Writer: Emmet Kirwan
  • Writer: Darach Mac Con Iomaire
  • Writer: Manchán Magan
  • Writer: Aoife Martyn
  • Writer: Owen McCafferty
  • Writer: Rosaleen McDonagh
  • Writer: Frank McGuinness
  • Writer: Meadhbh McHugh (New York)
  • Writer: Una McKevitt
  • Writer: Phillip McMahon
  • Writer: Andrea Molino (Italy)
  • Writer: Gina Moxley
  • Writer: Jimmy Murphy
  • Writer: Zoe Ní Riordáin
  • Writer: Edna O’Brien
  • Writer: Eva O’Connor
  • Writer: Joseph O’Connor
  • Writer: John O’Donovan
  • Writer: Mark O’Halloran
  • Writer: Jody O’Neill
  • Writer: Shane O’Reilly
  • Writer: Felicia 'Felispeaks' Olusanya
  • Writer: Margaret Perry
  • Writer: Ursula Rani Sarma
  • Writer: Arthur Riordan
  • Writer: Ciara Elizabeth Smyth
  • Writer: Abbie Spallen
  • Writer: Keith James Walker
  • Writer: Enda Walsh
  • Writer: Michael West
  • Writer: Carmel Winters
  • Writer: Zhu Yi (China)
  • Actor: Cathy Belton
  • Actor: Andrew Bennett
  • Actor: Dawn Bradfield
  • Actor: Amanda Coogan
  • Actor: Nicola Coughlan
  • Actor: Timmy Creed
  • Actor: Bríd Criomhthain
  • Actor: Zara Devlin
  • Actor: Mark Doherty
  • Actor: Deirdre Donnelly
  • Actor: Mike Donnelly
  • Actor: Ashleigh Dorrell
  • Actor: Caoilfhionn Dunne
  • Actor: Clare Dunne
  • Actor: Graham Earley
  • Actor: Sorcha Fox
  • Actor: Eva-Jane Gaffney
  • Actor: Denise Gough
  • Actor: Brendan Gleeson
  • Actor: Peter Gowen
  • Actor: Julia Gu
  • Actor: Breffni Holahan
  • Actor: Seána Kerslake
  • Actor: Katherine Lynch
  • Actor: Conor MacNeill
  • Actor: Amy McAllister
  • Actor: Owen McDonnell
  • Actor: Lucianne McEvoy
  • Actor: Abigail McGibbon
  • Actor: Siobhán McSweeney
  • Actor: Leah Minto
  • Actor: Deirdre Molloy
  • Actor: David Moss
  • Actor: Marie Mullen
  • Actor: Bríd Ní Neachtain
  • Actor: Rory Nolan
  • Actor: Eoin O Dubhghaill
  • Actor: Kathy Rose O'Brien
  • Actor: Marion O’Dwyer
  • Actor: Jolene O’Hara
  • Actor: Patrick O’Kane
  • Actor: Clare O'Malley
  • Actor: Marty Rea
  • Actor: Ericka Roe
  • Actor: Owen Roe
  • Actor: Camille Lucy Ross
  • Actor: Norma Sheahan
  • Actor: Joan Sheehy
  • Actor: Stanley Townsend
  • Actor: Eleanor Walsh
  • Music by: Ray Harman
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