Youth Theatre Ireland presents the National Youth Theatre


8 - 15 August 2021

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Digital premiere: 8th August 2021, 7.30pm

Streamed on our YouTube channel

Recommended for ages 16+

‘I’d dream I was walking down the catwalk, covered in caramel, wearing these shoes. And everyone wanted to lick me.’

For the 2021 National Youth Theatre, Artistic Director Veronica Coburn and playwright Ciara Elizabeth Smyth have worked with an ensemble cast of sixteen young actors and six young designers from youth theatres across Ireland over the last eighteen months to create a new play about power and chaos.

Ireland has a new government, filled with young, righteous, left-leaning politicians. Its Health and Wellness Act, hurriedly signed into law just one year ago, has made it illegal to possess or consume unhealthy food or ‘junk’, but ‘Junk Advocates’ are on the rise and are openly protesting.

Eadie Birch’s world is upended when her sister Lila, a popular Junk Advocate, goes missing under suspicious circumstances. So when Eadie sees an opportunity to get close to high-ranking Government officials, she takes it. Can she find out what happened to her sister, or will the same fate befall her?

Aftertaste is a new play by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth that offers a theatrical exploration into a world full of chaos, violence and greed. Combining the best work from the creative team and film company Big O, this new piece will be streamed online.




  • Ava Poppler: Abbi Breen
  • Anastasia O'Kane: Aileen Briody
  • Malachi Kelly: Matthew Eglinton
  • Oisín Ó Hanluain: Odhran Exton
  • Sandbrooke Martin: Samuel Ferrie
  • Aidan Proctor: Abhainn Harrington
  • Lila Birch: Daisy Hartigan
  • Anthony Glover: Adam Henry
  • Stephen McLoughlin: Seán Loughrey
  • Margot Murphy: Sadhbh McDonough
  • Cora Greene: Cara Mooney
  • Mason Mbayo: Max Mufwasoni
  • Eadie Birch: Ella O'Callaghan
  • Cordelia Flowers: Caoimhe O'Farrell
  • Ty Costello: Tristan Spellman Molphy
  • Jana Kaminski: Julia Szarota
  • Design Ensemble: Lara Coady, Emma Corrigan, Ellen Donohue, William McCabe, Aoibhinn McGinley, Feargal Quinn
  • Writer: Ciara Elizabeth Smyth
  • Director: Veronica Coburn
  • Producer: Kelly Phelan
  • Producer for Youth Theatre Ireland: Eoghan Doyle
  • Composer/Sound Designer: Sinead Diskin
  • Lighting Designer: Suzi Cummins
  • Visual/Costume Designer: Cherie White
  • Hair and Makeup: Sarah Naylor
  • Production Manager: Éanna Whelan
  • Stage Manager: Clive Welsh
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Meabh Crowe
  • Producing Intern: Katerina Mullalli
  • Welfare Team: Louise Holian, Gary Mullen, Cathal Thornton
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