Moyross Community Drama & Adapt Domestic Abuse Service 

15 – 19 January 2018

This project will focus on the experience of women, including migrant women, who find themselves in a domestic abuse situation in Ireland. The project members wish to bring to life their direct and indirect experiences of domestic abuse in their Limerick community. The work will examine what life is like for these women before, during and after their experiences; and how they are perceived by their family, community and wider society.


3 – 7 April 2018

Shadowbox are an ensemble of performers with intellectual disability, who have been working together for twenty years. An all-female grouping from the ensemble plan to further develop Somethings, a piece originally devised in 2017, in which they reflect on the Tuam Mother and Baby Home as well as themselves as women and their right to have children. The piece will create a metaphorical world in which they contemplate the missing child – buried, lost, imagined and simply the child that never was.

Pavee Point & Traveller Primary Health Care Projects 

9 – 13 April 2018

Thirty years ago, Traveller women working in Pavee Point decided to do something to address Traveller health and equality. Against the odds, they succeeded in setting up the first ever Traveller Primary Health Care Project. Today, there are almost thirty Traveller Primary Health Care Projects around the country. This development week will focus on the story of these Projects and the stories of the Traveller women who became health workers in their own communities.

Garraí an Ghiorria 

21 – 25 May 2018

Garraí an Ghiorria is a collective of multidisciplinary artists working in the Irish language on the western seaboard. Their project, STRINGS, ROPES AND CHAINS: Silencing the Voice of a People, explores the silencing of the Irish people and their language by Cromwell with a special focus on the harp as both a musical instrument and as a symbol of Irish creative expression. The project also examines similarities between historical Irish issues and contemporary issues of migration.

Discovery Gospel Choir 

28 May – 1 June 2018

Discovery Gospel Choir, Ireland’s leading intercultural choir with a diverse membership, is pleased to perform Elephant in the Room as part of the Abbey 5×5 initiative. The short play, drawn from real experience and combined with songs, will take a contemporary look at ethnic diversity and what it means for Ireland. By giving a voice to stories of integration, Discovery Gospel Choir invite you to reflect upon how we can build an inclusive society for Irish and migrant communities alike.

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