In 2016, following consultation with key stakeholders within the Arts and Theatre industry, the Abbey Theatre made a public commitment to ensuring that Gender Equality is both embraced and enshrined at the national theatre. We continue to uphold this commitment by adhering to the following gender equality principles:

  1. Ensure our organisations key documents uphold a commitment to gender equality:
    • The Mission Statement of the Abbey Theatre
    • The Memorandum and Articles of Association
  1. To hold gender equality as a key board priority and responsibility, discussed with consistency and frequency in the context of a permanent board meeting agenda item on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.
  2. The Abbey Theatre commits to continued gender equality at board level.
  3. The Abbey Theatre commits to continued gender equality in our recruitment processes.
  4. The Abbey Theatre commits to gender equality in all areas of the artistic programme. Gender equality will be measured in five year periods, the first being 2017 – 2023, the second being 2024 – 2028 with the commitment that over the course of each five year period the artistic programme will achieve gender balance in lead artists engaged on both our stages.
  5. The Abbey Theatre commits to gender equality in the play commissioning and director selection process.
  6. The Abbey Theatre actively works to combat the consequences of systemic gender inequality in society, supplementing our open submissions processes for artists with equality monitoring, dedicated show coverage and proactive industry outreach.
  7. The Abbey Theatre regularly undertakes unconscious bias and awareness training for all employees, examining gender-based discrimination the workplace.
  8. With a view to raising awareness of the career opportunities for women in technical theatre, the Abbey Theatre will run an annual programme for secondary level students throughout Ireland.
  9. Progress made by our gender equality initiatives will be specifically reported in the Abbey Theatre’s Annual Report. This recommendation will ensure that both the focus and progress on achieving gender equality at the national theatre will be documented and detailed within the Annual Report thus ensuring that there is clear visibility on this ongoing journey.
  10. Intersectionality is a horizontal principle underpinning our understanding, planning and implementation of each of the above.