In partnership with Dublin’s New York style deli, the Pig & Heifer, the Abbey Theatre is happy to announce that we are offering a lunch bundle to patrons attending the upcoming DruidO’Casey Trilogy performances. See our range of sandwiches below, with each order containing one of these delicious sandwiches, a soft drink and a Snack bar.

This lunch offer should be pre-ordered here 2 days before your visit to the Trilogy e.g. please order before midnight on the 24th if you are attending the shows on the 26th.

Ordered lunches will be available for collection downstairs in the Peacock after the first show of the day, The Plough and the Stars at approximately 3.15pm and can be eaten in the theatre. Alternatively, patrons can collect their lunch orders after the second show.

If you would be interested in a vegan or gluten-free options, please contact our team directly at  (01) 87 87 222 or email 

Patrons will have a 2 hour break between The Shadow of the Gunman and Juno and the Paycock & you can view a range of local restaurants and cafés here.

DuirdOCasey Lunch Bundle at the Abbey Theatre