Director Days is one of our new industry engagement initiatives, designed to facilitate creative discussions between the Abbey Theatre Co-Directors and playwrights, theatre directors, producers and theatre artists.

Theatre Directors looking to connect with the Co-Directors of the Abbey Theatre are now invited to book some time in to chat. The day will be divided up into scheduled meetings, giving Directors an opportunity to meet face to face with Graham McLaren and Neil Murray.

The first Director Days is scheduled for February 27th, 2020, and followed by a second day on March 12th, 2020.

Here’s how you can schedule a chat:

  • Email
  • Tell us what you’d like to talk about; outline the agenda / theme of your discussion
  • Await confirmation of your meeting time

Please note: Availability is limited and it may not be possible to see everyone at this time.

Director Days is part of a series of engagement events in the works for 2020. More Director Days will be scheduled later in the year; and other opportunities to connect will be scheduled for artists of other disciplines, throughout the year.