The Abbey Theatre today (4 December 2023) published the findings of its 2023 Culture Audit independently conducted by Dublin City University Business School. 


The Culture Audit was undertaken earlier this year and asked all employees for their views on a range of matters including well-being, engagement and openness to organisational change. The audit is welcomed by us as Co-Directors, along with the Board and Senior Management team of the Abbey Theatre. 


The level of staff engagement was high, with over 70% of staff participating in the process. The candour of participants is evident in the richly coloured, qualitative focus group comments. The response rate speaks to the desire of all our colleagues to be heard on critical issues that are impacting them in their work internally and externally. Speaking their minds is something we encourage and greatly appreciate. 


We know our colleagues are highly dedicated staff members, and always prepared to go the extra mile. While the Culture Audit highlights many positives, it also makes clear that the organisation has more work to do to give people the support and tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. It is our priority to ensure people feel they are treated fairly, and that they are being supported in what, at times, can be particularly challenging and pressurised work. 


This work has delivered an evidence-based benchmark against which to track progress into the future – a journey of cultural transformation within the Abbey Theatre that we are both fully committed to. Further analysis will be undertaken with our Senior Management Team and focus groups will be formed to gather additional qualitative data. We will oversee the implementation plan for the recommendations set out in the Culture Audit, with a focus on organisational support measures for our employees. 

You can view the full report here – Abbey DCU Culture Audit 2023


Caitríona McLaughlin & Mark O’Brien