Join us as we pull back the curtain on 12th October to give you a glimpse into the backstage world that few are lucky to experience. 

Discover how our artistic and collaborative talent can be used to nurture and strengthen your customer relationships, elevate your brand, develop your staff and ultimately bring an exciting new energy to your internal and external stakeholders.

Participate in our renowned Abbey Theatre: Skills for Business workshop and learn how the Abbey Theatre team can help your organisation to use techniques form theatre to enhance workplace presentations, energise teams and introduce a creative and collaborative team culture.

  • 8am sharp – Start your day with breakfast where you will have a chance to meet and get to know Abbey Theatre creatives and to network with your peers from the business community.
  • Join Andrea Ainsworth, Voice Director of the Abbey Theatre, or Phil Kingston, Community and Education Manager of the Abbey Theatre, for a memorable one-hour Theatre Skills introductory workshop.
  • 10 am – A quick wrap-up session where you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions.  If you are not too pressed for time, we hope that you will join us for a short backstage tour where you can see the inner workings of Ireland’s national theatre.

At the Abbey Theatre, we are creative and ambitious for ourselves and our collaborators. We are proud to bring theatre, not only to our stages but to venues, schools and communities across Ireland. Our culture is one of innovation and exploration and we want to share this with people who value this and help contribute to the dynamism and vibrancy of our city.

If you would like to attend our Behind the Scenes Breakfast or would like more information, please email or