Abbey Production Involvement

Actor Lord Alfred Douglas St. Oscar 1989 (Abbey)
Actor Liam Scuab Sive 1993 (Abbey)
Actor Laertes The Hamlet Project 1993 (Tour)
Actor Teddy Big Maggie 2001 (Abbey)
Actor Teddy Big Maggie 2001 (Abbey)
Actor Jordan Mc Henry Communion 2002 (Peacock)
Actor Casimir Aristocrats 2003 (Abbey)
Actor Harry The Death of Harry Leon 2003 (Peacock)
Actor Tristam Faraday Improbable Frequency 2005 (Abbey)
Actor Second Messenger The Bacchae of Baghdad - Euripides' The Bacchae in a new Version 2006 (Abbey)
Actor Arkady Sergeyevich Islayev A Month in the Country 2006 (Abbey)
Actor Casca Julius Caesar 2007 (Abbey)
Actor Titinius Julius Caesar 2007 (Abbey)
Actor Rev. Parris The Crucible 2007 (Abbey)
Actor Mr Worthy The Recruiting Officer 2007 (Abbey)
Actor Messenger of the Palace The Burial at Thebes 2008 (Peacock)
Actor Ben Marble 2009 (Abbey)
Actor Father Joseph Christ Deliver Us! 2010 (Abbey)
Actor The Figure in the Window The Plough and the Stars 2010 (Abbey)
Actor Colonel Bagenal O'Grady Arrah-na-Pogue - The Wicklow Wedding 2010 (Abbey)
Actor Liam The Passing 2011 (Abbey)
Performer Not applicable Guaranteed! 2014 (Peacock)