Abbey Production Involvement

Actor Kathleen Creagh The Colleen Bawn - The Bride of Garryowen 1998 (Abbey)
Music Not applicable Amazing Grace 1998 (Peacock)
Actor Mary Bagenal Making History 1999 (Peacock)
Music Not applicable Tree Houses 2000 (Peacock)
Music Not applicable Iphigenia at Aulis 2001 (Abbey)
Musician Not applicable Famine 2001 (Abbey)
Actor Queen Victoria Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Actor Dora Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Actor Musician Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Incidental Music Not applicable Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Composer Not applicable Portia Coughlan 2004 (Peacock)