NOTES: See also under Siobhan Mc Kenna.

Abbey Production Involvement

Actor Bean Stiana Stiana 1944 (Abbey)
Actor Nicole Sodar I nDiaidh na nUasal 1944 (Abbey)
Actor Miss McKenna The Words upon the Window Pane 1944 (Abbey)
Actor Monica The End House 1944 (Abbey)
Actor Fithir Borumha Laighean 1944 (Abbey)
Actor Young Lady Peter 1944 (Abbey)
Actor Nano Ross Railway House 1944 (Abbey)
Actor Muireann An tUbhall Oir - The Golden Apple 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Cait Ni Dhalaigh Giolla An tSoluis 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Rossa's Secretary Rossa 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Marian The Far Off Hills 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Sally Hamil The New Gossoon 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Bean Ui Bhrion An t-Údar I nGleic 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Z Village Wooing 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Christine Lambert Drama at Inish - Is Life Worth Living? 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Mabel Heffernan Marks and Mabel 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Nora Nuair A Bhíonn Fear Marbh 1945 (Abbey)
Actor A Woman (Woman from Rathmines) The Plough and the Stars 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Eileen Walsh Thy Dear Father 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Sara Tansey The Playboy of the Western World 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Jimin O Mordha Muireann Agus An Prionnsa 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Bollscairi Raidio Muireann Agus An Prionnsa 1945 (Abbey)
Actor Nellie King Mungo's Mansions 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Mrs Grigson The Shadow of a Gunman 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Rachel Broom The Old Broom 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Veronica Hogan The Money Doesn't Matter 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Brighid Caitlin Ni Uallachain 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Illyria Charters Strange Guest 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Prionnsin Ar An mBothar Mor 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Aintini Ri na bPortach Fernandó Agus An Dragan 1946 (Abbey)
Actor Maire Ros Maire Ros 1948 (Abbey)