NOTES: Founder member of Charabanc Theatre Company.

Abbey Production Involvement

Actor Performers Somewhere Over the Balcony 1987 (Peacock)
Actor The Sacristan's wife Barbaric Comedies 2000 (Abbey)
Actor Benita the Seamstress Barbaric Comedies 2000 (Abbey)
Actor Dominga de Gomez Barbaric Comedies 2000 (Abbey)
Actor Doreen Tartuffe 2000 (Abbey)
Actor Judith The Shape of Metal 2003 (Abbey)
Actor Hester Fucking A 2003 (Peacock)
Actor Berta Sorby The Wild Duck 2003 (Peacock)
Actor Gertrude Hamlet 2005 (Peacock)
Actor Ensemble Homeland 2006 (Abbey)
Actor Lucy The Recruiting Officer 2007 (Abbey)
Actor Mary Saved 2007 (Peacock)
Actor Mum Zero Hour 2008 (Peacock)
Actor The Hag of Barna The Dandy Dolls 2009 (Peacock)
Actor Mrs Butler Christ Deliver Us! 2010 (Abbey)
Actor Ensemble No Escape 2010 (Peacock)
Actor Mrs Higgins Pygmalion 2011 (Abbey)
Actor Mother The House 2012 (Abbey)
Actor Performer Tap That 2013 (Abbey)
Actor Lady Britomart Major Barbara 2013 (Abbey)
Actor Mrs Lanfrey Clandon You Never Can Tell 2015 (Abbey)
Actor Councillor Shibboleth 2015 (Peacock)
Actor Joanne Carolan Donegal - A Musical Play 2016 (Abbey)
Performer Not applicable Lecture / Talk 2018 (Abbey)
Actor Stanza 12 The Great Hunger 2020
Actor Not applicable Eta Evergreen 2020
Reader Extract from teleprinter message in Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, Volume IX Home: Part One 2021