Abbey Production Involvement

Actor Bailli, Clann na Baintri, Sluaite,agus eile Brian Agus An Claidheamh Soluis 1948 (Abbey)
Actor Woodcutter Blood Wedding 1949 (Peacock)
Actor The Mayor In Sand 1949 (Peacock)
Actor The Voice of the Monster War, The Monster 1949 (Peacock)
Actor Peasant The Countess Cathleen 1950 (Abbey)
Actor O Sullivan Design For A Headstone 1950 (Abbey)
Actor Ridiri Thintagel Tristan Agus Isialt 1950 (Abbey)
Actor Lamp Lighter The Goldfish In The Sun 1950 (Abbey)
Actor Fachna O Faisneise Una Agus Jimin 1950 (Abbey)
Actor Jurymen / Boys/Women The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet 1951 (Abbey)
Actor Soldiers, Strecher bearers, casualties. The Silver Tassie 1951 (Abbey)
Actor Ned Shay The New Gossoon 1951 (Abbey)
Actor Boorla The King of Friday's Men 1952 (Abbey)
Actor Culann Gabha Setanta agus an Chu 1952 (Abbey)
Actor Pangar An Luch Tuaithe 1953 (Abbey)
Actor Others La Bui Bealtaine 1953 (Abbey)
Actor Bollscaire Bláithín Agus An Mac Rí 1953 (Abbey)
Assistant Director Not applicable Bláithín Agus An Mac Rí 1953 (Abbey)
Actor Alphonsus Courtney John Courtney 1954 (Abbey)
Actor Pangar An Luch Tuaithe 1954 (Abbey)
Actor Others Diarmuid agus Grainne 1954 (Abbey)
Actor Caol an Iarainn Sonia Agus An Bodach 1954 (Abbey)
Assistant Director Not applicable Sonia Agus An Bodach 1954 (Abbey)
Actor Young and Old Kings On Baile's Strand 1954 (Abbey)
Actor Aristotle Úlysses Agus Penelope 1955 (Abbey)
Assistant Director Not applicable Úlysses Agus Penelope 1955 (Abbey)
Actor Others in Court Scene Strange Occurance on Ireland's Eye 1956 (Abbey)
Actor Morisheen Brick The Man from Clare 1964 (Abbey)