NOTES: Novelist, playwright, director and critic. Attended the Abbey Theatre School of Acting. Emigrated to the U.S in the early 1930s where she directed with the Poet's Theatre in Boston. Later she was a reviewer for The Irish Times.

Abbey Production Involvement

Author Not applicable The Voice of Shem
Author Not applicable The Saint and Mary Kate
Actor Nina The Two Shepherds 1926 (Abbey)
Actor Masha The Dear Departing 1926 (Abbey)
Actor Millicent Gregory The Constant Nymph - From the novel of Margaret Kennedy 1927 (Abbey)
Actor Honor Blake The Playboy of the Western World 1927 (Abbey)
Actor Miss Williams-Williams The Round Table 1927 (Abbey)
Actor Baby The Whiteheaded Boy 1928 (Abbey)
Actor Moira O'Brien The Lord Mayor 1928 (Abbey)
Actor Mrs Sheep Never the Time and the Place 1928 (Abbey)
Actor Honor Blake The Playboy of the Western World 1928 (Abbey)
Actor Miss O'Rourke Apartments 1928 (Abbey)
Actor Lady with a Dog The Chief Thing - A Comedy for some - A Drama for others 1928 (Peacock)
Actor Miss Springfield Parnell of Avondale 1934 (Abbey)
Actor First Witch Macbeth 1934 (Abbey)