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Me, Sara

by Dylan Coburn Gray
Directed by Amy Conroy

8 May - 17 June
25 October - 13 November

"'If a cow fell over you'd all go and look at it' he says"

Sara Tansey's father is just back from overseas and is being very annoying! Just because he's bought her oranges doesn't mean he can say nothing happens in their town. He wasn't there when the murderer came. But was he really a murderer? Or a Playboy? Or both? And does the Playboy see just how clever and nice Sara is?

Passionate, lyrical and angry Sara invites us into a world where people are made by the stories they tell and parents need to be told who their children really are. Based on Synge's The Playboy of the Western World the third of our Priming the Canon series. Priming the Canon brings standalone plays based on the classics directly into schools. With pre and post show workshops and online curriculum based materials Me, Sara brings a timeless Irish classic into the heart of the classroom.

Dramaturgy: Sarah FitzGibbon and Phil Kingston

Me, Sara will be performed in Dublin schools in May and June. For further information, please contact me.sara@abbeytheatre.ie or call (01) 87 97 290