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The Abbey Theatre’s Performance Database has been developed using information from our master programme collection and contains details (cast, creative, crew, dates, venues etc) of almost all Abbey Theatre productions from 1904 onwards. New production entries are constantly being added to the database.

How To Search

We want to make searching the online Archive as easy as possible for you. It is now possible to search the Abbey Theatre repertoire by Play/Person/Character/Year. Once you have entered a relevant search term (i.e. a Play/Person/Character/Year) please select the relevant search category from the dropdown menu on the right of the search box and press ‘Go’.

Helpful hints

If your search doesn’t produce results, try shortening the search term e.g. instead of searching for O Casey or O’Casey, try Casey. Individuals usually known by the Irish version of their name are generally listed under that name. There is no need to include fadas e.g. Seán, when searching for Irish names or play titles.

The Performance Database is a work in progress. Information is added, corrected and updated on a regular basis. Comments and corrections are welcome.

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