Step onto the Abbey stage in a Talking Text Workshop with Voice Director Andrea Ainsworth. All are welcome, no experience is necessary.

Upcoming Workshops

The Wake: 2 July

Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme: 27 August

Feedback from actors on previous workshops

‘Doing a workshop like this is of enormous value, both as an opportunity to check back in with exercises or ideas that you might not have focused on for some time – seeing what’s shifted or changed for you in the interim – and also to look at new techniques and approaches that you can bring to future work.’

‘It was also liberating to work without the pressure of performance. The work was very concentrated, but also allowed us to indulge and experiment, stretching the possibilities of the text as well as our interpretation and delivery of it’

‘Really enjoyed the workshops. Was great to be working with a high standard of professional actors -it meant every one was focused and really invested in the work we were doing. It was a great opportunity to touch back in with the voice. I find for myself vocal work can often slip down the list of priorities and so the workshop really refreshed a lot of basics for me and gave me a lot of food for thought, even in ways as simple as reminding me of basic warm up exercises. Andrea was very perceptive and worked with me on certain aspects I constantly have trouble with, which was brilliant.’

‘Really fun room to be in, with very little ego from anyone, nor were we expected to be constantly performing, instead we were just given time to work in detail, which was an absolute gift. It would be brilliant if more workshops like these were on offer. Actors in Dublin have very little resources to fine tune their craft and this is what Andrea’s workshop offered.’

‘I think it is wonderful that the Abbey provides the service of training workshops to professional actors. It isn’t easy to keep “in shape” as an actor, we can spend long periods of time not working (or working at something else). It isn’t easy to motivate oneself to maintain a personal voicework regime, and in any case I have found there is no substitute for being led by a dedicated teacher. I found the week long workshop very stimulating and enjoyable. The physical and vocal work really helped me reconnect with my voice after several months off the stage.’

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