Who You Calling Apathetic? A Generational Assembly.

Who You Calling Apathetic? A Generational Assembly.

On the 20 November 2014, the Abbey Theatre is set to host an assembly of a generation who have been unfairly labelled apathetic.

We invite you to join us. We invite you to join in solidarity with a network of like-minded and passionate young individuals or groups in exclaiming loudly “Who You Calling Apathetic?” on the stage of Ireland’s national theatre.

Following on from the success of last year’s Abbey Theatre / Inner City Assembly, we hereby send an open invitation to the young and civically minded people of Ireland to join us on Thursday 20 November at 2pm on the Abbey stage for an afternoon of lively discussion, performances and contributions from some notable guests.

As this event is designed to eradicate the myth of a ‘Generation Apathy’, the majority of speakers & performers will be derived from the under thirty age group but this event is of course open to all people who wish to join an assembly that concerns a better Ireland for all.
We truly hope to see you all for what will undoubtedly be an energetic afternoon of activism through the medium of debate and art. So whether you are politically active or disillusioned, we want to hear the voice of the all too often disregarded youth of Ireland.

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