Chun an leathanach seo a léamh i nGaeilge, cliceáil anseo.

Abbey Begins and Abbey Works 

Our newly appointed Dramaturg Louise Stephens will oversee two new initiatives in 2019.

Abbey Begins and Abbey Works are opportunities for writers to explore their work, make space for their writing, learn about the craft of playwriting and be in the company of other writers. Each group will be led by a professional playwright. Participants will be invited to share a play with the New Work team at the end of the group.

Abbey Works 

Abbey Works is a three-month series of workshops for six playwrights who have already had a play professionally produced.

The programme is ideal for writers who have some experience writing for the stage and want to explore their process and develop a new idea with the support of their peers. We want to support writers to create a play that they might not otherwise write.

Over the course of eight sessions, led by one of our associate playwrights, the group will use practical exercises, get feedback and explore artistic inspiration. There will also be input from visiting practitioners.

The meetings will take place on 28th May, 4th June, 11th June, 18th June, 16th July, 23rd July, 30th July and 6th August 2019, from 4-8pm (the dates may be adjusted, depending on the availability of the participants). These sessions will be held in Dublin and travel bursaries will be available to help writers travelling from elsewhere.

Participants will be invited to share a play with our New Work team at the end of the workshop series.

If you’d like to know more about Abbey Works, you can email us on

Applications for Abbey Works closed at 5pm on 10 April 2019.


Abbey Begins 

Abbey Begins is a series of workshops for playwrights who are at the start of their writing careers. Over 8 weeks, the 10 selected participants will have access to a smörgåsbord of techniques, exercises and relationships with other writers to help them write their first full play.

The workshops will be free to attend and travel subsidies will be available for writers travelling from outside of Dublin. Each workshop will run for 2 hours, 30 minutes approximately, will be held weekly in the early evening and will be led by one of our Associate Playwrights.

Applications for Abbey Begins closed on 18 January 2019.


20 for 20 

Abbey 20 for 20 is a new initiative which gives 20 theatre makers free access to see 20 shows at the Abbey in 2019. Read more here.



5×5 is a development series for community theatre projects, running since 2018, that enables these communities to engage with their national theatre for the first time. Each year, five community projects receive five days’ worth of space, technical assistance and €5,000 to help in the development of a theatre piece. 5×5 is supported by The Ireland Funds.

You can read about the first three years of the series here: 2020 projects, 2019 projects, 2018 projects.


2020 Opportunities 

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