Introducing Handbook of the Irish Revival

Introducing Handbook of the Irish Revival

Handbook of the Irish Revival offers a fresh insight into the fascinating Irish Revival. Showcasing texts that have never been readily available to the public before, this vibrant collection promises to shed surprising new light on this formative period.

A glimpse into Handbook of the Irish Revival

“Cuchulain was an important if invisible member of the staff.”

Desmond Ryan, a student of Patrick Pearse. Read more in ‘The Murder Machine’

“At the corner of Merrion Row a horse was lying on the footpath surrounded by blood. He bore two bullet wounds, but the blood came from his throat which had been cut.”

James Stephens, The Insurrection in Dublin.

“There are beautiful lines in your poem, as there are in all you write but it is not a great whole, a living thing which our race would treasure and repeat, such as a poet like you might have given to your nation…”

Maud Gonne in a critical letter to W.B. Yeats about his poem ‘Easter 1916’.

“…the programme of the Abbey Theatre became to me of far more real significance than the monthly reports of the RIC.”

Augustine Birrell, Things Past Redress.

“The worker is the slave of the capitalist society, the female worker is the slave of that slave. Nobody is better fitted to break chains than those who wore them”

James Connolly, ‘The Reconquest of Ireland’.

“The vigorous intellectual life of the city was open to the students who wanted it, and even those who didn’t could not have missed taking some of it in through the pores. […] The city was then drama-mad.”

Mary Colum, Life and the Dream.

Divided into sixteen themed sections covering issues as diverse as literature, education, women’s rights and the 1916 Rising, this is the ultimate reference book for anyone with an interest in Irish history.

Editors Declan Kiberd and P.J. Mathews’ introductory essays offer context and trace a line of connection between the pressing issues of the time and the challenges faced by Ireland today.

Handbook of the Irish Revival is available from our website at €15 and in all good bookshops. Buy the book here.

Reviews for Handbook of the Irish Revival

“An invaluable rainbow of a book…certain to fascinate the intellect and imagination.” Professor Owen Dudley Edwards, University of Edinburgh

“A considerable collection of enlightening discussions… a great success” Emmanuel Kehoe, Sunday Business Post

“A riveting collection of writings from key figures and unfamiliar names during an extraordinary era” The Irish News

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