Abbey Production Involvement

Actor Lardner Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Actor Jordan Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Actor Prince Albert Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Actor Molineaux Heavenly Bodies 2004 (Peacock)
Actor John Betjeman Improbable Frequency 2005 (Abbey)
Actor O'Dromedary Improbable Frequency 2005 (Abbey)
Actor Sean The Playboy of the Western World - A New Version 2008 (Abbey)
Actor Oed Big Love 2008 (Peacock)
Actor Antipholus of Ephesus The Comedy of Errors 2009 (Abbey)
Actor Anthony The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant 2009 (Abbey)
Actor Jack Absolute The Rivals 2009 (Abbey)
Actor Bloody Man Macbeth 2010 (Abbey)
Actor Angus Macbeth 2010 (Abbey)
Actor A Porter Macbeth 2010 (Abbey)
Actor Beamish McCoul Arrah-na-Pogue - The Wicklow Wedding 2010 (Abbey)
Actor Doalty Translations 2011 (Abbey)
Actor Commissioner The Government Inspector - A new version after Nikolai Gogol 2011 (Abbey)
Actor Willie Diver Aristocrats 2014 (Abbey)
Actor Hastings She Stoops to Conquer 2014 (Abbey)
Actor Pozzo Waiting for Godot 2017 (Abbey)
Actor Buckingham Richard III 2018 (Abbey)
Actor Jem Thirst (and other bits of Flann) 2018 (Peacock)
Actor Performer The Other Side 2020
Actor Not applicable Bobby Bauble's Big Delivery 2020