Trisha Brown, An American Modern Dance Legend

I am well aware there is more to dance than elegant vocabulary and deployment of dancers and it ain’t boy meets girl to music.

Trisha Brown

Friday 11 May …

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Thursday 10 May …

Wednesday 9 May…

On For M.G.: The Movie

One of the pieces to be performed by the Trisha Brown Dance Company at the Abbey Theatre on 17 – 21 May is For M.G.: The Movie. We came across this interview of Trisha with the renowned dancer, choreographer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer in which they discuss this work. Here’s an excerpt of some of Trisha’s responses. You can read the full interview on the online BOMB Magazine.

‘M.G. is Michel Guy (former French Minister of Culture). ‘The Movie’ is a clue for the audience that I was working with the idea of trying to make a figure materialize on the stage, whole, without your seeing the mechanics of getting there. Michel commissioned the dance. There were several conversations—enigmatic conversations about dance and art and my work, what did I want, what was I thinking about. I didn’t know he was dying at that time. He died before I made the dance, but he and those encounters remained in mind, guiding my effort to transmit enigmatic behaviour onto the stage.
The movie part of it has to do with making a figure materialize in the space the way you can when you edit a film. You can go from a fork to a face with a blink of the eye…’


Tuesday 8 May…

Here are some inspiring quotes aboutTrisha’s work:

“Some of us only dream about flying; Trisha Brown launches her dreams onto the stage.’
‘Works by Brown don’t just challenge our perceptions; they expand our minds and untether our spirits

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

‘Trisha Brown’s dances are unlocked houses that never wait for us to wander inside. Instead, they reach out, from the first moment, quietly, gently breaking and entering one’s nervous system. We remain helpless, and enchanted, as they dance us.’
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Dance Magazine

“Invariably sensuous, characterized by inventive wit and often uncommonly interesting… [Brown] keeps adding to the sum of human happiness.’
Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times

Monday 7 May…

If you not too familair with all that Trisha Brown has done, here’s a snippet from her biog:

For over 40 years, legendary American choreographer Trisha Brown has pushed the limits of contemporary dance, changing it forever with her pioneering approach to light, space, gravity, geometry, technology and perception in her compositions.
In 1962, she co-founded the avant-garde Judson Dance Theater and eight years later formed the Trisha Brown Company, the world-renowned ensemble, based in New York, that she still heads today.

Among her early groundbreaking works were the gravity-defying Man Walking Down the Side of a Building and the still popular Set and Reset, featuring costumes and set design by frequent collaborator, Robert Rauschenberg.

Trisha Brown was the first woman choreographer to receive the coveted MacArthur Foundation Fellowship.
She was made a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government in 2004.
In 2010 Trisha Brown was selected as the recipient of the 59th annual Capezio Dance Award.

Trisha Brown, Biography- Published in 2011

Thursday 3 May

Only two weeks left before we welcome the Trisha Brown Dance Company, as part of the Dublin Dance Festival to the Abbey stage on Thursday 17 May .
Over the coming weeks we look forward to bring you more insight into Trisha Brown and what has given legend of American modern dance

One of the works featured will be Set and Reset. Since its creation in 1983, Set and Reset has become Brown’s signature work, influencing generations of dancers and choreographers. Laurie Anderson’s driving score and visual artist Robert Rauschenberg’s designs complete this modern masterpiece.

“‘Set and Reset’ is unmistakably Miss Brown at her most tantalizing. Her virtuosic dancers exhibit a quality of movement that is distinctly hers- dartingly quick but so fluid that the body seems a conduit for flowing energy.” – Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

Watch the original cast rehearsing for Set and Reset

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Here’s a look behind the scenes of CandoCo’s rehearsal process of re-mounting Set and Reset with Trisha Brown Dance Company which combines the original with Candoco dancer’s choreography.