Your Legacy

Your Legacy

Making a charitable bequest is not something that only wealthy people can do, any legacy gift makes a real difference.

The Abbey Theatre was founded as Ireland’s national theatre by W. B. Yeats, Lady Gregory and J. M. Synge in 1904, before the foundation of the Irish state. These remarkable artists defined the vision and ambition for the Abbey Theatre with the manifesto “to bring upon the stage the deeper emotions of Ireland”.

Although written more than 100 years ago, this still drives the Abbey Theatre in the 21st Century and determines our activities.

We continue to present audiences in Ireland and overseas with the best of Irish and international theatre and have worked with and nurtured the best of Irish writers and theatre artists.

If the Abbey Theatre and its work has inspired and entertained you over the years, leaving a charitable bequest in your will is one way for you to support what we do and ensure that the Abbey continues to thrive in the future.

See what impact Lennox Robinson’s legacy is having today.

For more information on including the Abbey Theatre in your will please call the Development Office on +353 (0)1 887 2223 or email

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