How to support the Abbey Theatre

How to support the Abbey Theatre

Support the work of the Abbey Theatre in Ireland and internationally

The Abbey Theatre, Ireland’s national theatre was founded by W.B Yeats and Lady Gregory in 1904 to ‘bring upon the stage the deeper thoughts and emotions of Ireland’. Since it first opened its doors in 1904, the Abbey Theatre has played a vital and often controversial role in the literary, social and cultural life of Ireland.

Over the years, the Abbey Theatre has nurtured and premiered work of major playwrights such as J.M Synge and Sean O’Casey as well as contemporary classics from Brian Friel, Frank Mc Guinness, Thomas Kilroy and Tom Murphy.

The Abbey Theatre came into existence through the crucial support of the benefactor, Annie Horniman in 1904 and we continue to need your support to ensure we fuel the flame our founders lit over a century ago.

“With your support we can develop playwrights, support Ireland’s theatre artists, engage Irish citizens and present world renowned theatre both nationally and internationally.”
Fiach Mac Conghail, Director Stiúrthóir

You can become a corporate supporter of the Abbey by joining us either as a Corporate Guardian or Corporate Ambassador.

Individual supporters can also play their part by electing to join the Director’s Circle, to become an Abbey Fellow or an Abbey Philanthropist.

Contact the Development Office at +353 1 887 2223

Your Role – Securing the Future of Irish Theatre

The Abbey Theatre builds its reputation and extends the life of its work by touring Ireland and performing overseas with world class productions. As Ireland’s national theatre we have a duty to showcase the unique talents of Irish theatre practitioners. In 2011 over 120,000 attended an Abbey production – your support will ensure that ever increasing numbers will have the opportunity to experience what the Abbey has to offer.

The Abbey has the only full time Literary Department in Ireland which regularly commissions plays from emerging or established Irish writers. The department continues to receive, assess and respond individually to many unsolicited scripts per year.

Community and Education
Our Community and Education Department works with disadvantaged schools and facilitates a wide range of initiatives including workshops, backstage tours and teacher support to create a direct connection between the Abbey and hundreds of students. Crucially they have also helped to break down preconceived ideas about theatre – by supporting us you will help the national theatre to connect with a new generation of younger theatregoers.