Me Mollser visits Tralee

Me Mollser visits Tralee

We have been on the road with Me, Mollser for the past three weeks touring the production to different venues and locations nationwide.

We have met loads of different young people from all over Ireland and I’m happy to report that we are having a fantastic time (despite the weather!) However, what about Mollser? What would she make of all this? After all, it’s her story we’re telling. So imagine, if you will, that we have found Mollser’s diary and that we are all going to get a little insight into her world… Mollser, the stage is yours:

I’ve got a real bad pain in me neck. Must have been the cold floor I was lyin’ on, ‘cause one minute I was in me bed in no.4, Henrietta Street an’ the next thing I was under this dusty old sheet in a place called Trolley or something. I was havin’ these awful nightmares, and when I woke up there were all these people laughin’ at me. I don’t know who they were, but they all had the same clothes on. And shoes. Loads of shoes. All of them had shoes. With funny things written on them like “Nike” or “Adidas”. That must be the name of the fella who made the shoes. But I never met a fella called Nike or Adidas in the tenements. Might be one of them rich fellas livin’ up in Stephen’s Green? I wonder does Nora know him? Probably. But the thing is I haven’t seen Nora in days. In fact, I keep wakin’ up in strange places not knowin’ how I got there for the last few weeks now. A few days ago I was in a place called N-is. I was talkin’ to all these young people, telling them about where I live. About Nora, me Mam, an’ all the fightin’ goin’ on in Dublin. They must have been really rich or something, ‘cause none of them were coughing an’ they all looked really clean. Some of the boys had hair that was long on one side ‘an really short on the other. An’ some of the girls had hair that was different colours. You should have seen it. I saw a girl with purple hair. I wish me mam could have seen that.

I went to look for me mam after I said bye to me new friends an’ I found this gorgeous, big room. It had electricity in it. An’ mirrors. The mirrors even had the electricity ON them, so you could see the spots on your face close-up. I could hear a funny noise so I crept past all the nice furniture ‘an put my ear against a door. It was like the wind was blowing on the other side. Maybe the wall fell off like what happened to Mr. O’Brien in no.3 that time. I put my finger on the door ‘an pushed it slowly ‘an the door opened. And you’ll never guess what was in there. Inside the room. A toilet! A huge, white toilet! I couldn’t find the newspaper, to… you know… but there was this white, soft paper. And it was clean. It even smelt like those fancy flowers Nora gets. ‘An the noise I was told after is from a thing called a F-A-N. It brings clean air in and out to the toilet when you’re using a thing called a show-er. A show-er is like a giant tap in the ceiling with water coming out to wash yourself. But they’re going to start making people pay for the water soon I was told. So I’m going to use the show-er as many times as I can until then. ‘An the soap. Do you know when you walk past Arnotts, ‘an the door opens and a woman in a beautiful dress walks out, and you get a smell of perfume off her? Well, that’s what the soap was like. Smelt gorgeous.
I’m starvin’ now. But they said they’ll give me some food. They said I can get a whole plate of food just for meself. But I don’t know if I trust them, ‘cause when I asked for drippin’ and bread they laughed at me. They said I can’t get that anymore. Things must be very bad if people can’t afford drippin’ anymore. The man they call Boo said he would ask someone called “Facebook” where we can get food in Troll-ey. I don’t know who Facebook is, but if he knows where we can get some food then he might be me new best friend.

Mary-Lou McCarthy plays Mollser in Me, Mollser, the first in our Priming the Canon series.

Me, Mollser was on a nationwide tour in February 2014 and is available to visit schools.
See here for booking details.

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