Irish Women Say…

Irish Women Say…

Irish women have a unique ability to turn a phrase. Whether it’s a comment on the weather or passing on words of wisdom, nothing is as distinctive as what Irish Women Say.

Writer Elaine Murphy offers her perspective on what Irish Women Say through the characters in her new comedy Shush.

MarieThey only had fat coke in the shop, will that do you?

BredaShe looks like the back of a bus

Clare - Mam, where one door closes a window opens.

IreneYeah, you know what my downfall is? Sausage. I love them, especially Superquinn ones, worst thing for your heart though.

Shush inspired us to look at Irish women in everyday life and the phrases that have become so unique and distinctive. We all know our mother’s favourite saying (an example being ‘What’s for you won’t pass you!’) or an old wives’ tale that will help cure any ailment.

We are gathering these words of wisdom and we want you to join the conversation with us. Whether it’s a nugget of information from your mother, sister, wife or friends we want to hear from you. Share your phrases on Twitter with #IrishWomenSay or via email on

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We’ve already had some great responses to what Irish Women Say

Go on hurry and if yeh fall don’t wait to pick yourself up.

When company is coming, we need to help her “hypocrite up” the house.

A good run against the wind is what you need!

My mum is forever telling us to “whisht”

My mother always says… “Eaten bread is soon forgotten”. She may just be right ;-)

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