Voice Coaching

Voice Coaching

Our Voice Director Andrea Ainsworth is responsible for all the voice work for the plays on the Abbey and Peacock stages.

She works closely with the directors to assess the needs of each production and then schedules individual voice sessions, company warm ups and group voice sessions. She attends rehearsals, technical rehearsals, and previews of all the plays in both theatres and offers notes to the actors and director afterwards. She organises and teaches evening classes and workshops for professional actors and also provides voice and text workshops for the general public, teachers, writers, amateur and youth theatre companies.

An individual voice session might focus on an accent or on exercises to expand breath capacity, range or colour in the voice. These sessions often take place on the stage to help actors gauge the power and clarity needed in that space.

Voice work is both technical and imaginative; it can encourage and facilitate greater flexibility and a passionate engagement with language in both classical and modern texts.

For further information about voice training for professional actors, please contact Andrea on
01 887 2293 or email andrea.ainsworth@abbeytheatre.ie.