Tours at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Neil Bartlett has taken Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece and reinterpreted it for stage.

The play looks at themes of aging, loss, fear, losing your own soul and succumbing to temptation. The theme of aging is recurrent across a great many art forms and disciplines. Some celebrate the aging process while others try to hide from it. Why do we attempt to avoid the inevitable? The Picture of Dorian Gray is the ultimate tale of escapism and finding the secret to the gift of youth but at what cost? The homosexual subtext of the tale is some indication to Wilde’s message and perhaps his autobiography.

Following on from ‘Queer’ tours operating in galleries in London and at the suggestion of Neil Bartlett, the Abbey Theatre has made moves to explore ‘Queer’ art here. We have teamed up with the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane Gallery to look at other portraits and works of art from a ‘Queer’ perspective. These tours are free and will run on Saturdays at 11am, 2pm and 4pm from the 20 October to 24 November.

The Abbey’s tour guide, Joe Kearney, will lead you through paintings already housed in The Hugh Lane, but with a fresh approach to what they represent and the feelings within. You are invited to join the conversation and open up a dialogue about what makes the art queer or different and what the works do for you. It is a relaxed atmosphere and though facts and figures will be accurate it is more about reacting to the art on a personal level.

For further bookings and enquiries contact the gallery’s Education Officer, Sile McNulty Goodwin, on (01) 22 25 558

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