#AskMeAnything with Paul McGann

Paul McGann, the famed Doctor Who and Withnail and I star, took over the Abbey Theatre’s Twitter account to answer all of your burning questions on Wednesday 11 September! See what he had to say below…

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Are there any “dream” roles you have yet to play and, if so, which ones?  Also, what do you look for when choosing a part?  What is it about a character that tantalizes?

Is it easier or harder to be a voice actor?  I love Minister of Chance and how you can turn on a phrase to go from pleasant to evil.  Hope you have many more years of acting to go.

Dear Paul,

how was it to be involved in The Minister of Chance? Your character, Durian, is sly and you charmed the audience wih your incredibly sexy voice : are you excited about interpreting Durian again in the movie ?

Hi Paul; I missed you at the Lords Of Time event in Auckland earlier this year - do you think you and your fellow Doctors would consider coming back again sometime? Also, how do you suggest we both score roles in the latest DW series??! ;p

Imagine if you went back in time to your 16 year old self, knowing what you know now. How would you do things differently? Would you still follow your acting dream or try something else? If something else - what?

Dear Paul in your wonderful career to date have you met many real life Withnails ? also what is your personal favourite scene in the movie and why ?

Dear Mr. McGann-

If you could describe yourself in three words, what words would you choose, and why?

Also, sir, you are brilliant. ♥

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