Meeting with Designer - Bob Crowley

Read here for an excerpt from the preparation notes of Niamh Lunny, Head of Costume at the Abbey Theatre, for our upcoming production of Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock …

Costume Department update for Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock

… After the model box presentation for Juno and the Paycock, I had a meeting with Bob Crowley [Designer, Juno and the Paycock] to see what his plans are for costume design. Bob is keen to use as much authentic old stock as possible and we are lucky enough in the Abbey to have a big selection of appropriate costumes in our warehouse in Finglas. The team and I made a plan to do a big ‘pull’ of relevant stock and had done some research before we went to Finglas. Everybody was clear what we are looking for: button fly trousers (the zipper would not be widly used for many years), no synthetic fabrics, and we wanted to try to stay broadly within the colour palette Bob wants to use. After a few hours, we had four rails of costume pulled (that’s 24 feet of rails!) I spoke to Bob on Wednesday to tell him about our fruitful session in the warehouse. He is going to come over next week and have a look at the clothes we pulled. As ‘Juno’ is a co-production with The National Theatre in London we have the added benefit of having access to all of their stock too, so if there are any ‘gaps’ then we hope to fill from the National’s stock. I am looking forward to Bob’s arrival to see what he thinks of our stock and to see what we need to get in London! …

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