Oct - Opening Nights, Minds, and Windows

Oct - Opening Nights, Minds, and Windows

As September moved into October, Shibari opened and I experienced my first opening night alongside the set designer and my former lecturer, Frank Conway. I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting to hear people’s reactions to the show. It was also great to see how far the show had progressed since the last time I saw a full run through during the dress rehearsal. A few days later I met up with Frank again to discuss our own thoughts on what we thought of the show, which gave me a great insight into the work of the designer in the show process.

October also saw the first white card meeting with the designer for King Lear. It was very interesting to learn about the development of the model since the initial pre- white card discussions. It was also comforting to see the relationship between a designer and director. Good communication between these two roles is essential and this is very evident in this production.

During the month, 10 transition year students arrived to spend a week on site at the Abbey. They were exposed to all sides of theatre and luckily for me, I got to take charge of them for a morning. I tasked them with the challenge of developing their own designs based on either Romeo and Juliet or The Picture of Dorian Gray and then presenting their ideas to the groups. The ideas that emerges included the love between a Dublin south-sider and north-sider to Dorian Gray working as model at Hollister!

As the month came to a close, I started to put together a proposal for the annex window of the Abbey; a space with great potential for promoting the theatre. I met with Eoin Kernan in the Communications Department to discuss a number of things in relation to branding and what the function of the window should be. With this in mind, I explored what props were available to use and could not get over the amount of beautiful objects, old and new, that the Abbey has stored from previous productions. I took lots of photographs and put on my thinking cap to see what I could come up with.

I continued to develop my proposal and after coming up with a final concept I ended the month talking with Gavin Harding, Technical Director at the Abbey. He has given me the task of creating a model of what I would like to do. I realised that even though in my head everything was clear, I really need to be able to show my concept in a way that other people understand exactly what I am trying to do.

So with card, glue, knife and colours at the ready, I look forward to another exciting month!


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