Nov - Graduations and Gifts

Nov - Graduations and Gifts

November at the Abbey has certainly been fun. After meetings with different departments, my idea for the Abbey’s street display window has evolved further, now focusing on the theme of gifts. I have decided to display objects within the window that were used as gifts in past shows. The display can then be used to promote the message of giving the gift of theatre. I started to research what objects would fit this theme. I made some great discoveries; some however, were too big to fit into the window!

When I had a solid proposal together I delivered it with anticipation to Gavin Harding, Technical Director and got the good news that I had got the go ahead to start the installation! The first task… bring together some helpers to pull it all together.

During all of this, I took some time out to make the trip back to IT Sligo to accept my degree. It was such a good feeling to finally have a piece of paper to mark four years of hard work. I was delighted to get a special mention from Professor Terri Scott, congratulating me on my award. Professor Scott also took the opportunity to inform the audience about the Yeats Design Residency and the unique partnership that has been created between I.T. Sligo and the Abbey Theatre to offer this residency.

I returned to Dublin with great anticipation. Alyson Cummins, Set Designer for Quietly, was on site. I was able to sit in with her for rehearsals on the set and gain first-hand knowledge of the design process. We also chatted about what she had studied and how she became a designer.

Later on in November I also got the chance to meet with Riccardo Hernandez, the Set Designer for The Dead. Riccardo was a pleasure to be around and he was very informed on his approach to designing. He kindly showed me some research and pictures of finished productions he has worked on. I have to say I was taken aback by the amount of work he has done, but I guess all of that comes with experience and time. Hopefully I will be in the same position soon :-)

Finally, at the end of November my window display went live. The feedback to date has been great and I have to say it was worth the wait. This biggest lesson that I learnt from this project is how to follow a process. I usually think fast and act fast but as I needed to work with lots of different departments, I learned that I have to slow down, plan and allow a project to develop. Thank you to everyone who helped me out, it was greatly appreciated.


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